Hi everyone! My name is Ewa Rosa and I’m a self-taught illustrator, embroidery artist, and Skillshare Top Teacher in love with all things nature.

Born and raised in a big city (Warsaw, Poland), I yearn to live by the ocean, and this longing for reconnection with the natural world is the leitmotif of my art.

I love combining organic elements with geometry and I draw inspiration from the underwater world, plant life, cosmos, and Japanese patterns.

I’ve always been incorporating tons of details and intricate patterns into my drawings and lately, this practice translated to my embroidery, which consists of hundreds of french knots and other elaborate details. This repetitive act of embellishing my art with copious dots, circles, lines, and dashes is something that helps me destress and curb my anxiety.

I work both traditionally and digitally and watercolors are one of my favorite mediums.

I like to think of my works as a portal to a parallel universe, where people can find joy, calm and escape from their busy lives.


When I’m not painting, you can find me curled on a blue sofa with my favorite “B” combo:



and (hot) beverage,

preferably listening to Billy Holiday.